Focused on delivering value to all stakeholders by owning and managing successful small/medium-sized businesses across the agriculture & food ecosystem

Agri-Food Value-Chain
Agri-Food Value-Chain
Majority Ownership
Seek significant partnership
Operating across Canada
EBITDA: $500k-$5MM

We are not just buyers, we believe in the power of true business partners

Rolling up our sleeves and working alongside management to bring our expertise in scaling & growing companies is how we realize the long-term success of small & medium-sized businesses

We respect that you've spent decades pouring your heart and soul in to your business; we make sure that your legacy survives and grows

Imagine unlocking the wealth you've taken years to build or having the capital & expertise you need in order to scale your business and support your community & employees for decades

Creating a solid succession plan that ensures your pride & hard work continues is of paramount importance when transitioning ownership to the management team of your business

Invest in the essential

Agriculture and food are ubiquitous, touching every part of human life - what we eat, the clothing we wear, and the social connections between us

The numbers speak for themselves

Food is first among basic human needs and agriculture one of the longest forms of human subsistence. The Earth's population is expected to grow from 7.7 billion today to 9.7 billion by 2050. This represents a tremendous opportunity; businesses in this value system are essential, steadily growing and reliable.

We already invest daily in our health, food, clothing, and environment. The entire world demands more every day out of agriculture for the survival of this planet's inhabitants.

Agricultural Value Chain

The agricultural value chain has several sub-sectors which have many great, long standing, cash flowing small and medium sized opportunities supporting the world's demands.

Many of these businesses only have a partial approach toward a comprehensive plan requiring adjustments to realize full potential.

The agricultural value chain

Reliable Performance

Macro factors such as emerging economies, population growth, and supply chain challenges will force the agriculture industry to continue growing.

The agriculture and its subsectors can simply be relied on providing steady returns for decades.

A dedicated team of experts

Glenbow provides a dedicated team of experts that work alongside management to fill out the comprehensive plans and offer the support necessary to scale up the business

  • Performance operations management
  • Marketing traditional & digital
  • Creative & technical
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial stewardship
  • Accountability & reporting
  • Corporate finance
  • Planning rhythms
  • Sales & distribution
  • People management
  • E-commerce
  • Analysis & evaluation

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